A Call for Global African Unity   by  Adin Kachisi

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Adin Kachisi is a visionary, social critic, writer and an artist. His writings deal with societal issues like values, development, politics, economics, education, identity, spirituality and societal transformation etc.  He is the author of three books, Beyond The Talented Tenth, Tears of Ether and Depth of Melancholy, he is also the founder of a an organization called UNIAF (United Africans) which was recently established to support the development and unification of Africa.     

UNITED AFRICANS (UNIAF) - https://www.uniaf.org. The UNIAF is an organization created to facilitate the development and unification of the African continents and Africans worldwide. It was established to inspire, educate and support African scholars, politicians, educators, economists, scientists, community leaders and citizens in the quest for peace and development. It forms a broad network covering the globe and provides links between individuals and organizations sharing similar visions.

Recently, a few articles in the press outlined the tension in America between the African Americans and African immigrants from the continent and from the Carribean. With a rate of about 50,000 legal African immigrants arriving in the US yearly, it is important for us as a collective to reinforce our global African unity as well as work together for mutual benefit. All blacks, whether from the continent or in the Diaspora are victims of global white-supremacy and have been conditioned to look at each other suspiciously and focus on our differences rather than the common elements of our extended family as well as see creative opportunities for all of us to benefit from our cooperation.  continue>
Adin Kachisi
Some of our tension and suspicions originate from old historical mistakes and resentments, cultural differences and social-political, economic experiences as well as unique interests, problems and priorities. The inclusion of the African Diaspora as an important part of the African Union came as a positive step towards the effectiveness and meaningfulness of the African Union. 

Last October, the AU Commission convened the 'First Conference of Intellectuals of African and the Diaspora in Senegal. The themes of the conference included Pan-Africanism, contribution of the intellectuals from Africa & the Diaspora to the strengthening of African Integration in the 21st Century, the relationship between Africa and its Diaspora, etc.
My call today is for us all to seek creative ways through which we can work together and benefit from each other socially, economically, intellectually, culturally, political and spiritually. Therefore I am calling on all of us, Africans from the continent and Africans in the Diaspora to open our hearts, forgive each other for our lack of courtesy, lack of real love for each other, lack of sensitivity, arrogance, and self- righteousness. I am particularly appealing to African immigrants for Global African Unity.


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BOOK REVIEW: Beyond The Talented Tenth by Adin Kachisi

Author of three books, Adin Kachisi is a young Zimbabwean living in New York. His latest book Beyond the Talented Tenth - Transformation of Black America has received positive attention, resulting in the author being featured one TV program as well as on two radio shows. Beyond the Talented Tenth is a masterpiece, a synthesis of re, wit, honesty, wisdom and fresh creativity. The author analyzes the social conditions of Black America and provides practical and tangible solutions to problems. Beyond The Talented Tenth is a critical analysis of the new challenges and

opportunities that face African Americans today. The core and heart of the content in this book is a call on all Black America across age and class distinction to rise and take up the challenge to transform Black America and America as a whole. This book is written with brutal honesty but also in simple language to serve as a transformation bible and development blueprint for all African Americans, from the youths to the elders, from the man on the street to the university Professors and policy makers. Beyond the Talented Tenth will arouse and shake the readers into wakefulness and action. Beyond focusing on Black America, this book also deals issues, subjects and problems common to all Americans.


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Title: Beyond The Talented Tenth -‘Transformation of Black America’

Author: Adin Kachisi

Publisher: Book Surge Publishing

ISBN: 1-59457-670-X

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