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Ming is a classic concert pianist from South Korea. She has travelled extensively around and outside Europe. Through her profession, she has met and worked together with people from different cultures including people of African descent. According to her, music provides a stable bridge connecting different cultures. AFRITOPIC had a chat with her.

I grew up in Germany. I am not adopted. I am a full-blooded, pure, authentic Korean girl. My parents are from South Korea. I was born in Hannover, Germany and went to kindergarten and school in Hamburg, Germany. I am now living in Berlin. I love Berlin and I am having a great time.

I am a classic concert pianist. I play the piano. I studied music in the German cities Rostock and Lubeck as well as in Switzerland in the cities of Bern, Geneva and Zurich. I became interested in classic music through the influence of my parents, who took me to classic music concerts. I later decided to study music with concentration on the piano. I had the full support of my parents and was lucky to have excellent professors who gave me very good instructions and the encouragement for a career as a pianist.

My goal as a pianist is to present the public, especially the younger generation, a new understanding of classic music. I would like to attract and entice the younger generation to embrace the beauty of classic music. I wish to transform the regular audience at classic concert halls, which are predominantly elderly people. continue>

I would like to fill the concert halls with mixed audience consisting of both young and old. The younger generation should take the time to listen to different types of classic music. There great composers. I am sure that if one takes the time to listen to the compositions of a couple of the composers, one would find his/her favourite. Personally, Bach is one of my favourite composers.

Through music, I have met people from different countries on all continents. I have worked together with many musicians including musicians of African descent. I have done commercials for Hip Hop music, which gave me the chance to meet and work with African Americans. My experience has been very positive and I have been able to maintain very friendly relationships. Music provides a bridge connecting people from different cultures. Music is a universal language. My job as a pianist is wonderful. I have the opportunity to travel to many countries, meet interesting people, see and appreciate other cultures. continue>

I have attended afro-centric events, which I enjoyed. The “May Ayim Award” for example was well organized. I believe that the success of an event depends on the organizing team. Concerning the theme of the event, I believe it is very necessary to have a “Black Literature Prize”. There could be other major events in the future to create awareness of the Black community in Germany/Europe. But the “May Ayim Award” event could be seen as a significant start. It is in fact a significant cultural event. It is amazing for me to see many people believing in a purpose and coming together to make the event a reality. Everything is live. Everything is real. I feel that the event has laid a foundation in the Black community for the next steps to be taken in the future. I attended the event as a friend and the best girl of Mo Asumang to help in documenting the event. Mo Asumang operates a trendy meeting spot in Berlin. As I said earlier, music provides a stable bridge for meeting people and I have met different people and made friends with people from different cultural backgrounds.  Afritopic


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