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Generally speaking, the political, economical and social environment in Europe is still not conducive to motivating Africans to feel at home and start their own businesses. Nevertheless, courageous Africans have taken up the challenge to overcome the barriers and embark on useful as well as lucrative projects. The initiatives range from law firms, information technology and import/export businesses to non-governmental organizations. The road to success is not easy and usually very rugged. Those with staying power and normal share of luck eventually achieve success. The Adler Entrepreneurship Awards acknowledge the efforts of Africans in the Diaspora who have taken up the challenge of creating businesses or excelled in their chosen field of professions.
The 1st of December 2007 was a day of acknowledgement. The African Youth Foundation organized the 3rd Adler Entrepreneurship Awards to acknowledge the endeavours and achievements of African descendants in the Diaspora. The event commenced with a welcome address by Dr. Osei Asante Gyapong, who gave information about the program of the event, introduced the special guests and called on them to give their speeches. The first august guest to speak was His Excellency Abdul-Kadir Rimdap, Nigeria Ambassador to Germany . In his speech, the Ambassador informed the audience that he is aware of the situation of Africans in the Diaspora because he studied in Europe . He encouraged Africans around the world to do their best in achieving their goals and helping Africa in the development process. According to him, Africa has moved forward; a lot of improvements have been made in different areas. In a few years from now, Africa would amaze the global community just as China and India are doing today. He went on to pledge continuous support for the African Youth Foundation while praising Dr. Paulyn Jansen, Executive Director of the organization for her efforts.

The next speaker Mr. Martin J. Wilde, Director of the Association of Catholic Entrepreneurs (BKU) and Chairman of the North Rhine Westfalia (NRW) -Ghana Forum, narrated an historical story of entrepreneurial tradition Germany . Continue>

His Excellency Abdul-Kadir Rimdap, Nigeria Ambassador to Germany(middle) and Dr. Makase Nyaphisi , lesotho Ambassador to Germany(right)

He explained how difficult it is to discuss entrepreneurial projects or initiatives with government officials in Germany . Mr. Wilde relates this difficulty to the bureaucratic mentality and lack of entrepreneurial experience of the civil servants. Comparing Germany to African countries, Mr. Wilde believes that training schools that include entrepreneurship in their curricula are critically essential in the development process of Africa . Africa needs people who are educated but not very highly qualified to create small businesses. Mr. Wilde ended his speech with positive remarks about the Adler Awards and the work of AYF.

Dr. Paulyn Jansen and Dr. Makase Nyaphisi , Lesotho Ambassador to Germany(right)
Following Mr. Wilde’s speech, Dr. Jansen gave an insight to the work of the organization and the motives behind the Adler Award. She expressed her gratitude to the sponsors and the guests that have come from within and outside of Germany .

An entertainment interlude by 2 solo music artists followed, after which Zola Meerfelder moderated the presentation of the awards. The award ceremony was conducted with a short break for food and refreshments. The presentation of the award to the winner in a category was preceded by audio and screen introduction of each nominee in the category. However, in the case of special award nominees, the introduction was made by a special guest or organizing member of the foundation. 

Some Attendees
The presentation was accompanied by rounds of applause. In her closing remarks, Paulyn Jansen acknowledged the effort of each nominee with a certificate. She introduced her team and commended the outstanding work the team has done in making the event a reality. With thanks to all attendees, she declared the event closed.  Continue>




Event photos >
The awards were presented to the winners in the following categories:
  • Artists

  • Chidi Kwubiri (Köln

  • Authors

  • André Ekama ( Mannheim )

  • Businesses and Entrepreneurs

  • Richie Okorie „Sorol Marketing & Logistics GmbH“ (Deitzinbach)

  • Civil Society / NGOs

  • AFFORD - African Foundation for Development ( London )

  • Legal

  • Dominique Abrokwa ( Hamburg )

  • Media:

  • News and Politics

  • Lo'Nam ( Berlin )

  • Entertainers (Pop/R&B)

  • Brotherskeepers (Köln)

  • Afro / German (MultiKulti) Beats

  • Tola Sholana (München)

  • Special Award:

  • Best African Embassy in Germany

  • Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho

  • Best African Leader and Diaspora Affairs 2007

  • Prof. Dora Nkem Akunyili (OFR)

  • Diaspora Excellenz Award

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Cecil Bruce Boye

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