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The word “Art” has been given various definitions by different people since the ancient times. “Art” in Afritopic Art refers to objects that are skilfully created with imagination and fantasy to impact on the viewer as well as the environment. The impact on the viewer and the environment could result from the overall aesthetic of the art object. However, the perception of aesthetic differs from culture to culture. An object that is aesthetically appealing in one culture might be abhorrent in another. With this view in mind, Afritopic Art intends to present visual artworks created with diverse materials and techniques. The works are available as high quality limited edition prints in different formats for sale.  
The paintings, drawings, graphics and computer aided art or designs shown on this site display the dazzling array of visual art images that could be created by using paints, brushes and pencils on different materials. Most of the paintings and drawings are done by applying charcoal pencil, silver-ink and gold-ink pens, pastel, oil, textile paints, tempera, aquarelle, acrylic or gouache paints on paper, wooden board or canvas. Graphics in black and white are produced with linocut technique. The hypnotizing masks as well as the fascinating dancing lady in the figurative category are the results of paper collage. The styles of the drawings, graphics and paintings range from naïve to realistic. These show the freedom an artist has in expressing his/her imagination. With numerous materials at his/her disposal, the artist can combine materials in any form that conform to his/her imagination. The artist is practically in control. Using modern computer technology, the artist could even extend his/her fantasy beyond the norm of what could be achieved with physical materials.  continue>



Art objects that are placed outdoors, in public buildings and in private homes are intended to beautify the area and create an aura. Due to this impact of artworks, more people have started to appreciate visual art and are ready to pay for artworks. This demand creates a market for visual art which is growing into a high-profile business world wide. Afritopic Art offers high quality art prints for the beauty of your homes, offices and your personal pleasant feelings. You have a wide range of motives to choose from; figurative, landscapes, masks, still life, abstract and fantastic surrealistic digital art images. Photographic art prints are also available with diverse impressive motives. Each art print is available in limited edition and signed by the artist. The limitation and original signature of the artist increase the value of the artwork with time, thus making the purchase an affordable investment. A piece of artwork in your surrounding could give you pleasure and good mood, increase your motivation and serve as a source of inspiration. Enjoy the artworks on this site and or contact us ( if you have special requests.

All high quality art prints are available in limited editions and signed by the artists.


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