Documenta 12 - The Art Works of K. J. Marshall and C. Madikida


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Contemporary art has developed over the years to include implementation of modern digital technique and high-tech materials. The visual concepts are not only 2 or 3 dimensional but encompass sound, feel and multi-dimensional movements in performances and dynamic installations. For the lovers of art, the documenta provides an overview of contemporary art through the works of selected artists from different countries around the world.

The documenta is an art exhibition event that takes place every 5 years in Kassel, Germany. The 12th event, documenta 12, took place between 16 June and 23 September 2007. Art works of 109 artists from 43 countries were exhibited. The exhibition attracted visitors from different countries in Europe such as the Netherlands as well as from outside Europe particularly the USA. 

Kerry James Marshall
The exhibition consists of paintings, drawings, graphics, installations, performances, videos, movies, audios, sculptures and light effects. 

Kerry James Marshall

While some of the works might be relatively easy to understand and digest, many of the art works would definitely need some explanation from an expert or the artist himself/herself. Whatever the case, an art work, in my opinion, should create controversy that leads to discussions. Most of the works at the documenta not only brought up question marks on the minds of the visitors but also made many of them had a good laugh. 

Kerry James Marshall
The art works of the African-American artist Kerry James Marshall give an insight to the socio-cultural life of Blacks in the USA . Born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1955, Kerry James Marshall graduated with a baschelor of Fine arts (BFA) from Otis art Institute in Los Angeles and later received an honorary doctorate in 1999. He lives in Chicago, where he works as an associate professor of Arts at the University of Chicago. As an artist, Kerry James Marshall is influenced by the geographical, political and social environment of his upbringing. The Civil Rights and the Black Panther era are depicted in many of his works including paintings, drawings, graphics, videos and installations. He became known for emphasizing black paint for the skin colour of his figures. In recent times, Kerry includes Asians in his paintings and Chinese words in some of his graphics. 




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At the documenta 12, Dan S. Wang made a presentation of the work of the artist within the context of inter-ethnical situation in Chicago and the USA as a whole. A brief interview with Dan S. Wang at the documenta is presented
Churchill Madikida
The installations of a South African artist, Churchill Madikida were also highlights at the exhibition. His installations shockingly illustrate the deadly AIDS epidemic situation in South Africa. Churchill Madikida was born in Butterworth in the eastern Cape in 1973 and received a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) in 2001 from the University of Witwatersrand. He lives and works in Johannesburg. 
Churchill Madikida

The artist derives concepts for his work from his root, the Xhosa tradition. He makes use of diverse media including, installations, sculpture, video and live performance to showcase his work.     End   Afritopic 2007









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