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Maxi dresses, mini skirts, bell bottoms, jeans in diverse variations and a lot more styled garments have been in and out of the fashion scene. Fashion is more or less part of lifestyle. Even those that are not necessarily fashion-conscious still decide what to wear for a rendezvous. Since centuries, fashion has always played a role in the society. Shakespeare (1564–1616) wrote in his play Hamlet “... For the apparel oft proclaims the man”. In the following report, the fashion collection for winter 2006/2007 by some popular fashion labels are presented.

The fashion industry influences the way we dress. Each year, the industry dictates the fashion trend by presenting new styles of garments made from diverse fabrics in a few selected colours. At a recent event comprising fashion shows on 5 stages, some of the popular labels in the industry presented their collections for casual wear, outdoor, sport, cocktail parties, business, evening galas and wedding for the winter 2006/2007. Some of the popular names that presented their new collections include Qui, Intersport, Lacoste, Jack Wolfskin, Mexx and Kookai. The focus of each fashion show was women garments. The designs are made of cotton, pure wool, mixed wool and elastan, systhetic and high tech textiles that is suitable for rough weather. The colours of the season are olive, beige and camouflage prints for casual wear, midnight blue, royal blue and rosy brown for business as well as dark salmon for the evening. Outdoor and sport wears were mostly in yellow, red, blue and green colours. Cocktail and evening dresses were in azure, dark turquoise and crimson while silk dessous were presented in combinations of white, black, red and pink.

The fashion shows are part of the fashion award event that takes place yearly since 1992 in Krefeld , German. Each year, a fashion company is awarded with the "Goldenen Seidenschleife” for excellent business performance and innovative contribution to the fashion industry. This year 2006, the award goes to the Oui group. Past recipients of this award include Betty Barclay, Pierre Cardin, Dr. Klaus Steilmann, Nino Cerruti, Sônia und Willy Bogner, Lothar Reiff (HUGO BOSS), Gerhard (Gerry) Weber, Robert Dreyfus (ADIDAS), Wolfgang Ley (ESCADA), Kookai Deutschland, das italienische Mode-Unternehmen Max Mara und Manfred Kronen (IGEDO). Continue>



What is known today as the Oui group began as a small children’s clothing business in Munich started by Paula Gottesdiener in the 1950s. With Germany regaining economic success and Munich attracting business people and celebrities, the business did well enough to be passed on to the next family generation. The next generation management team of the business, Nathan and his wife, Yeal, recognized the need to expand the scope of the business by including high end fashion for women. They engaged freelance designers to create a new label called “Miss Lagotte”. One of their most prominent designers was Kenzo.

The company grew and in the mid 1970s, the name was changed to “Oui”, which is supposed to be synonymous to saying “Yes” to life. The philosophy of “positive thinking”, seeing and living the positive side of life enables the company to grow locally as well as internationally.

Today, the Oui group markets its products under 3 major labels, namely Oui Set, Oui Moments und Oui & Co. Oui Set offers designs in urban style for the progressive, active and fashion conscious young people. Oui Moments is a lifestyle collection with focus on knitted wear while Oui & Co targets the modern classic segment with premium collection. Continue>





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Oui is one of the most successful fashion companies, growing continuously over the past years with over 3000 sales outlets in 42 countries. 60% of the yearly turnover is made in Germany and 40% out of Germany . The company has a total of 150 employees of which 100 are employed in Munich . The products are made in different south and east European countries as well as in Asian countries.

The award ceremony took place in the presence of local and international dignitaries including the mayor of Leicester , England, Lord Mayor Conncilar Paul Westley. The opening ceremony began with music entertainment, welcome address and a brief history of the award recipient. The Mayor of Krefeld later presented the award "Goldenen Seidenschleife” to Michael Schreiber, a member of the Oui management team. Mr. Schreiber expressed his gratitude and the importance of the award for the Oui group. The award presentation, moderated by Nova Meierhenrich, was followed by Oui fashion show, which displayed the latest collection of the company. The event’s program included several fashion, dance and dessous shows that attracted over 500.000 visitors 2 days long from 23-24 September.
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