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The lifestyle and aspirations of today’s young generation of African Descendants reflect the possible future status of blacks in the multicultural community in Europe and the rest of the world. Bearing this in mind, Afritopic Magazine intends to portray young African Descendants regularly in form of interviews. In this issue we present a young lady, Jill Asemota, who is determined to be successful in life. On a hot summer day in August 2003, Afritopic Magazine interviewed Jill in Heidelberg, Germany. In a composed manner, Jill talked about herself and her ambitions as published below:

Afritopic: Where are your parents from?

Jill: My father is from Nigeria and my mother from Germany. My mother studied in Ibadan, Nigeria for some time many years ago. My father is a physician. He first studied in Switzerland before moving to Germany. My mother works for an Insurance company.

Afritopic: Where were you born?

Jill: I was born in Germany 17 years ago. I grew up together with my older sister in Heidelberg. I like it in Heidelberg. I am used to Heidelberg. At the age of about 5, I spent some months in Britain.

Afritopic: You speak excellent English. How come?

Jill: Smile. My sister and I were brought up to speak English and German. We also attend the international school in Heidelberg comprising pupils from different nations. English is also taught as a primary language in the school.

Afritopic: How do you feel as an Afro-German? Have you experienced any form of resentments or prejudices?

Jill: Most of my friends have more or less the same background as myself. We get together often, discuss and share our views. I feel comfortable and relaxed within my group of friends. I have been lucky enough, not to experience open prejudice or racism, as it is known in the North and the former East Germany.  I am of the opinion that Heidelberg is generally more liberal to other cultures due to the old University that makes Heidelberg known as the University town. The University has been accepting foreign students for almost a century.

Afritopic: You are now 17 years old. What is your ambition after high school?

Jill: I would like to study medicine and become a physician like my father.

Afritopic: If you have the choice to study in Germany or in the USA, where would choose?

Jill: I would surely choose the US, despite the fact that Heidelberg offers some of the best medical schools. I wish to study in the US in other to gain international experience. There are more students from different nationalities in the US than in Germany. I have already collected information on the admission criteria to American Universities and in fact gradually preparing for the admission tests. These tests include Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). The TOEFL is required by most US Universities for persons whose native language is not English. The SAT is generally required for admission at the undergraduate level.

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Afritopic: As a Miss Black Germany contestant, you performed a creative fencing show. Is fencing your main hobby?

Jill: Smile. I started fencing at an early age and later won a regional competition. But I have not been practicing fencing for some time now. I decided to perform the fencing act at the contest because I thought it is unique when accompanied with background music. I also played basketball.

Afritopic: You won the Miss Black Germany contest. Do you aspire to become a model?

Jill: Smiles. Yes, I would like to be a model. I attend a modeling school in Karlsruhe. There are still too few black models in the industry. At the same time, I am aware that it is not so easy to become a top-earning model. If I were chanced, I would contribute positively as a black model to the glamour industry.

Afritopic: Are you interested in art works or designs in general? Do you paint?

Jill: I am interested in arts and design but I do not paint apart from school assignments. I have attended a couple of art exhibitions.

Afritopic: What is your opinion about African fashion? What type of African fashion designs would you prefer to wear?

Jill: I find different typical African dresses attractive but I see only very few people in Germany wearing them. In Britain, more Africans are seen in African designs. Personally, I’ll prefer simple designs made of light materials to the heavy ones.

Afritopic: Have you been to Nigeria?

Jill: Unfortunately, I have not been to Nigeria. However, I have good contacts to my Nigerian relatives. We also cook Nigerian recipes at home.

Afritopic: What sort of information would you like to read in Afritopic Magazine?

Jill: The content of the magazine should include role models, information pertaining to education, career opportunities, African values and the positive contribution of the African Descendants to the community.

Afritopic: You are ambitious and determined to be successful. Which roles do your parents play in your aspirations?

Jill: My parents have been very supportive. They taught my sister and myself to reach for the best in our endeavors. They encouraged and motivated us to be good at school and be achievers.

Afritopic: What is your statement or words of advice to other young African Descendants?

Jill: My statement is simply, “Be determined, focused and contribute your best to improve the image of blacks in general”.

Thank you Jill, for this interview.  Afritopic Magazine team wishes you every success in your education and future career aspirations.      Afritopic 2003


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