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Fashion is big business. A small city in Germany ís region of North Rhine-Westphalia is a major textile manufacturing location, where about 90% of silk ties on sale in Germany are produced. This is why the city is known as the city of velvet and silk. The real name is Krefeld. Krefeld organizes a yearly event termed the biggest street fashion show of the world (Größte Strassenmodenschau der Welt), which attracts thousands of visitors. AFRITOPIC attended the event.
The biggest street fashion show of the world (Größte Strassenmodenschau der Welt) took place on the 24th and 25th of September 2005 in Krefeld , Germany . The event attracted over 500 000 visitors from the North Rhine-Westphalia region as well as from the neighbouring regions and countries. The 2-day event organized by the city officials in cooperation with local businesses, presented a variety of fashion wears from well known labels, local designers and fashion design students. Apart from fashion shows presented on six different stages around the city, entertainment with a theatre show, music bands, dance groups and disco parties was also provided.
The official opening ceremony of the event started on Saturday 24th September at about 10:30am on the stage at Neumarkt, opposite Kaufhof store. Kaufhof is one of the oldest store chains in Germany celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2005. To begin with, the moderator Nadine Krüger (Sat 1/Pro Sieben) welcomed the audience, gave information about the programís agenda and introduced the singer, who would start the program with live music. The lady with beautiful voice rendered some popular hits from music artists Lionel Richie and Whitney Houston. After her show, a welcome address with a brief history of the city and the event was given by the mayor of Krefeld , Gregor Kathstede. After his speech, the mayor together with Heike Drechsler (Olympia athletic winner and world champion) and the moderator Nadine Krüger presented the traditional Fashion and Marketing prize award "Goldene Seidenschleife" (golden silk bow) to the winner, Betty Barclay company.
Fashion in Krefeld
The fashion and marketing prize award was initiated in 1992 as an international award to acknowledge fashion firm that has performed exceptionally well in the fashion business. Since then, the award winners have included top fashion companies like Nino Cerruti, Kookai, Pierre Cardin, Max Mara and Robert-Louis Dreyfus. Betty Barclay, a fashion company was commended for its excellent business strategy, which has helped in achieving worldwide growth and keeping the company in the top list of high quality fashion labels. The director of the company, Matthias Klein received the award in the name of the company. He expressed his gratitude and noted that the award is very special for the company and its whole staff.
Fashion in Krefeld
 The fashion show began with a retrospect of 50 years fashion design. In the first round of the show, mannequins did the catwalk in poodle skirts, pleated knee-length skirts, one or two piece dresses with fitted small collared blouses. To go along with the dresses were matching accessories such as handbags, scarves, sunglasses, ladies and cowgirl hats.   continue>
Fashion in Krefeld
The dresses were probably made of cotton and poly-cotton-blends fabrics with bright floral prints, black-white, red-white, single and combined pastel colours. The next show presented ladies suits either with skirt or pants and light/medium weight cashmere overcoats. The suits in shades of oldpink, cream, olive and brown, were combined with fashionable accessories. At the end of the retrospective show, all collections were presented again and the models received rounds of applause. The moderator Nadine Krüger came on stage to give information of the next activities, thanked the audience, bid farewell and handed over to the moderator, who was to take care of the next fashion shows.
Nadine Krüger and Gregor Kathstede
The next fashion shows presented collections from popular labels available at Kaufhof store as well as collections from local designers. Jeans wears in combination with, T-shirts, sweat shirts, jackets in both cool and bright colours were presented. Hip Hop culture ascent was vivid in many of the designs. Pyjamas as well as sexy dessous collections combined with winter gears were presented. Between the fashion shows, local Hip Hop dance groups entertained the audience with fantastic dance formations. In all the 2-day event gave the audience all what the velvet and silk city could offer in the fashion business with a lot of entertainment.

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