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There are already many organizations in the industrial countries that announce their activities as helping the poor in the third world countries. Yet, new not-for-profit organizations are still being formed regularly with the aim of helping the poor, particularly in Africa . It would be interesting to re and analyse how effective these organizations have been in the economic and social development of Africa . Moreover, who are the stakeholders and the actual beneficiaries of the activities of these organizations? Afritopic has taken up the task to re and find out what is going on behind the scene. Hopefully we would be able to publish an insightful report on the issue as soon as possible. Meanwhile, here is a report on the inauguration of another organization that aims to bridge the gab between music artists from the third world and their counterparts from the industrial countries.
A new not-for-profit organization based in Stuttgart , Germany has initiated a project that would enable unknown music artists reach large audience and market their music without agents. The organization “Der Verein – Föderverein für Kunst und Kulture e.V“ (PUAC) is particularly interested in reducing the commercial gap between artists in the third world and their counterparts in the industrial countries. Under the motto “Liberation of Arts”, the organization is presenting an open internet platform (bushfire-music.net) that would allow music artists to upload their works for the free judgement of a global audience.

Registered artists can also upload unfinished works, instrumental or beat compositions that could be appraised by producers and eventually initiate co-production and partnerships. continue>

Danny Fresh


A work acquired by a producer with the consent of the artist belongs to the producer. Efficient communication between all participants is secured through communication tools such as instant messaging and secured exchange of data over bushfire-music.net servers.  

A compilation CD/DVD album of top artists would be produced at regular intervals and artists selected by the PUAC would receive necessary support in the production process. A well equipped music recording studio is available for this purpose.

In order reinforce, the motto of the project, a tour of Africa by bus with in-built studio is next on the agenda of PUAC. The intention is to meet as many music artists as possible in the big cities of African countries and provide opportunities to record their works in the studio of the bus. The entourage would comprise music producers, film producers, sound technicians and key members of the organization. All activities would be during the tour would be documented. All songs that are produced would be offered online, thereby giving the artist exposure that hopefully would lead to acknowledgement, sales and financial reward.

Panjabi MC & the Bhangra brothers 
Through voting, the audience decides which songs make it to the charts. Once in the charts, the song is registered in the Shabaka movement, which offers greater capacity for online marketing and commercialisation. The Shabaka movement also provides the possibility for artists to announce their booking conditions and tour dates. continue>





The inauguration of the project and the presentation of the bushfire platform took place on 13 October 2007 in Stutttgart. The event’s program included a discussion forum, capoeira show, music concert and after-party get-together. Members of the discussion panel included German Hip hop/Rap icons D-Flame and Afrob as well as professionals from the media, cultural, political, social and music businesses. The discussion forum with the topic “Hip Hop /Rap scene in Germany” gave an insight to the situation of Hip Hop /Rap scene in Germany, the impact of the music on juveniles, the responsibility of Hip Hop/Rap stars, the business landscape including marketing channels.


On the premises of the location, the Liederhalle in Stuttgart , members of a capoeira school in Stuttgart performed the Brazilian art to the delight of a large audience. After the performance, the music concert commenced with a line-up of known Hip Hop/Rap artists. The list included:

  • Sammy Deluxe & Illo

  • Panjabi MC & the Bhangra brothers

  • Afrob

  • D-Flame

  • Torch aka DJ Haitian Star

  • DJ Grizzly Adams

  • Olli Banjo

  • Danny Fresh

  • Trevor Jackson

  • Anthony Locks

  • Ras Charmer

  • Fitta Warri

  • Mandingo Warrior & Yard Vibes Band

  • Soundbwoy

  • Boogie & der Eine

Fans in the audience celebrated their Hip Hop/Rap idols till dawn. Other music artists took on the stage for the after-party get-together and celebrated the “Liberation of Arts” with the audience dancing to their music. The party finally ended at about 5:00 am on the 14 October 2007.      afritopic 2007









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