MADAGASCAR - The Jazz Train

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 Have you ever had an idea that you would like to realize? Do you have skills and talents you would like to present to the public? Would you like to introduce/promote a type of music that is not popular in your town/city or country? Despite modest economy and financial difficulties, a radio station in cooperation with a group of Malagasy Jazz musicians and other partners took the plunge to promote Jazz music in Madagascar.
Madagascar is reach in exotic wildlife. A variety of colourful chameleons are found in Madagascar ; in fact about half of the world’s chameleons are at home in Madagascar . About 75% of other interesting animals that make Madagascar a paradise for wildlife adventurers live only in Madagascar . These include different types of lemurs.
Chameleon & Lemurs
Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean , located east of Mozambique and southern part of Africa . The island, a former French colony, has a total area of 587,040 sq km and a population of about 18 million. Through ethnic migrations over the years, the Malagasy nationality today is a mixture of ethnic groups including the Comoran, Indian, Creole, French, Malayo-Indonesian (Merina and Betsileo) and the Cotiers made up of mixed African, Malayo-Indonesian as well as Arab descendants; Betsimisaraka, Tsimihety, Antaisaka and Sakalava.
Gare de Soarano Train Station
 The economy of Madagascar has improved from very low to modest with Agriculture, including fishing, forestry and related areas providing the main source of employment for 80% of the island's population. Agricultural products include coffee, cocoa, cassava/tapioca, sugarcane, peanuts, banana, vanilla and beans. Livestock and textile products are also providing income for the island.
Gare de Soarano Train Station
 A mixture of ethnic groups means a mixture of cultural heritage. Music is part of culture and there are different types of indigenous and modern music in Madagascar produced by Malagasy musicians. But there are a group of musicians who love Jazz and would like to introduce and make the music popular in Madagascar . This is not easy in an environment where financial constraints make it difficult to gain access to music instruments and organize concerts with entry fees. Jazz music is still known to a few people on the island. In order to promote the music and encourage talented musicians, the RLI-106 FM radio station decided to organize the first Jazz competition and work with other partners to initiate a monthly television Jazz program titled Jazzine. Continue>
Chameleon (furcifer gastrotaenia)
 This initiative is a huge step for the 12-years old radio station, which is used to airing popular and commercial music. The opportunity to bring Jazz music closer to the people came on the1st of May 2005 in cooperation with the Jazz musicians collective of Madagascar, the Madarail, La Boussole and the Railway Company. Three bands namely the Mahatozo Trio, the Tôty Band and Panako, a percussion ensemble, took the stage on a train to perform Jazz music to the delight of the audience. The public could listen and dance to Jazz in the train and at every train station.
 The event was expected to attract a huge audience, many of them experiencing live Jazz music for the first time. In the following series of events, a number of emerging talents could take the chance to present their Jazz music talents and gain exposure. Jazz music is in the air in Madagascar and with combined efforts of RLI-106 FM and local Jazz musicians as well as financial support from Jazz lovers, Jazz would definitely become popular in the future on the island.

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