Miss Afrika Germany 2003

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The first Miss Afrika Germany pageant contest took place at the high-class Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich, the city of German celebrities. This beauty contest, organized by the Nigerian duo-team, Ada Uduma and Frank Emina, is the second beauty contest organized by people of African descent this year. A Miss Black Germay 2003, organized by Pactricia Fouda took place in July. The combination of classic and modern architecture of the Hotel with harmonizing abstract paintings hanging on the walls provided a pleasant and cosy ambience. The guests really felt welcome. Yes, the guests, from different cultural backgrounds, added a colourful multicultural touch and positive waves to the event.
The contest started with a seductive sexy show with the contestants dancing in wine-red bikinis and straps, revealing their beautifully curved bodies. The fantastic choreography combined with creative, enticing dancing scored many rounds of applause. Following the show, a multicultural African percussion group with dancers thrilled the audience with African beats and traditional dances.


Miss Afrika Germany 2003 winner
In the next show of the contest, the beauties displayed a variety of elegant traditional dresses while dancing to indigenous traditional music. Each contestant gracefully displaced her elegance, which surely made it hard for the jury to distribute points. In this show, the contestants were also questioned by the moderator about their motives for participating in the contest. The answers could be formulated in the following statements: They want to fight against the negative cliche about Africa and African Descendants. They want to show the vibrant beautiful colours of Africa. They want to be ambassadors of Goodwill for Africa. It is definitely clear, that this is a no-nonsense generation of African Descendants who are proud of their identity and ready to use their talents to achieve their goals. An interlude followed featuring a Nigerian musical group entertaining the guests with traditional Yoruba rhythms.
Beauty Contestants in traditional dresses

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The beauty contestants showed up in casual and sport wear in the next show, which was followed by an interlude with the Nigerian aspiring singer, Clemy. Clemy rendered some soulful ballads proving his talent as a singer. A magnificent Gospel singer and her choir provided the highlight of this interlude. With the song, Happy Day, the audience couldnít help but participate by standing and singing the chorus.
Bavarian Costumes show
As a tribute to the Bavarian culture, the beauty contestants came to the stage in Bavarian costumes, dancing to the Bavarian Heidi song and distributing typical Bavarian chocolate necklaces . In the final show, the beauty contestants presented themselves in long silky evening dresses while showcasing their catwalk talents. They were honored with applause from the audience. Meanwhile the jury was busy counting the votes. The moderator introduced and thanked the sponsors, one of which was Frank Emina, who at the time was bringing the Miss Afrika Germany crown onto the stage. continue>
The final show 
At last, the final votes were ready to be announced. The moderator first announced the 4th runner-up, followed by the 3rd and the second runner-ups. Finally, Frank announced the Nigerian beauty, Stepheni as the Miss Afrika Germany 2003. Everyone in the hall rejoiced with her while the crowning was made. She expressed her thanks to everybody with her  own version the Xaviar Naiduís popular hit lyric. End. Photos>


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