Miss Black-Germany 2003 Report

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Miss Black-Germany 2003               (photos>)

"Miss Black" competition took place in Karlsruhe at the Badnerlandhalle on the 26th of  July 2003. The hall was decorated with African woven straw baskets placed effectively on the corners of the stage and African batiks lying across the tables. A combination of African music and intricate lights provided a typical atmosphere of African party.

The occasion started with the organizer, Patricia O. Fouda, welcoming the guests and introducing the star moderator, Mola Adebisi. Mola got down to business by calling on the contestants to take the stage and show their beauty. A Jury comprising of African top celebrities including Tausi Likokola (top model), Anthony Baffoe (moderator), Ani Ekpenyong (executive member of ADEFRA), Aline Chakam (Doctorate candidate at the University of Karlsruhe) and Imane ayissi (fashion designer) had the difficult task of  awarding points that would eventually lead to selecting the winner of Miss Black Germany 2003.

The whole beauty show was well balanced with interludes of  group and solo performances resulting in guests applauding and journalists recording the event on cameras and videos. With typical African creativity, improvisation was immediately made whenever necessary in the program. There were 26 contestants in all. By the end of the fourth round of beauty parade and solo performances, there were only 6 contestants left. The 6 beauty contestants were then privileged to do the catwalk in evening dresses designed by Imane Ayissi. All 6 contestants gracefully presented their beauties, which made it even harder for the juries to select a winner. Finally, the decision was made and Jill Asemota was crowned Miss Black-Germany with a great applause from everyone. The after show party was declared open by Mola and the singer Grace Decca took the stage. The dancing floor heated up and remained joyfully hot until 04:00 the next day.

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