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RACISM - Foreigners at Home - Life as an Afro-German


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Racism in Germany is undeniable. Racist attacks happen daily in different forms both physically and verbally. Foreigners particularly people of African descend are abused by racists openly in public places. Africans have been killed on German streets by German racists. In most cases, witnesses have kept quiet and never attempted to help the victim or call for help. The 19th Africa Festival Wuerzburg made a remarkable effort to bring the issue of racism to the limelight and motivate the public to actively participate in the fight against racism. As part of the opening ceremony, 1000 balloons, each attached to a free entry ticket to the festival were released to float. The tickets carry information about the event and urge the finder to stand against racism. The finder is also cordially invited to attend the festival and enjoy a series of cultural attractions. The event marked the first day of the festival as a day against racism.

A discussion forum was organized with Afro-Germans including the activist and music artist Ade (Bantu) Odukoya on the panel. The discussion topic titled “Foreigners at home - Life as an Afro-German” gave an insight into the feelings of Afro-Germans in relation to their dual cultural heritage. 








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