THE WORLD OF DISABLES  by  Vincent Onais

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The word disability is a deformity that makes human entirely templed, incomplete physical body, mentally imbalance and a total deviation of human behaviour and reduced emotional feeling causing serious thinking which in turn affect the general characteristics of the disabled person. Disability could be caused accidentally while some humans are born disabled. Disability could be chronic while others are not. 

In the world, majority of the individuals have the notion that handicap people have committed certain atrocities, which in the end disabled the individual person (s). A healthy human may become disable someday due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. Accident, sicknesses, war, nuclear reactor leakages. A case in point is the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that took place in 1986. I Mr. Vincent Onais was a healthy human but never knew my situation will be like this today.  Anyone looking down upon a disable does not know his or her destiny; therefore no one should mock any disabled person since it is an unexpected incidence. The worse part of all is, some group of people have taken it as a challenge to disregard and look down upon disabled people thinking that they are not fit to live in certain societies or even worth living. This has become a sort of nightmare to most of the victims. This act practised by some group of people is not accepted under human constitution.

My interest as a handicap person is to focus and not to sideline or segregate the chronic and non-chronic disables but to have common goals geared towards bringing the awareness of people to the problems suffered by these victims. To briefly clarify or point out some evidence of how disables are neglected in the world, “Adolf Hitler” (1935-1945) the former dictator of Germany used disables for an experiment during the Second World War. He had the believe in his mental world that disables do not worth living in any society therefore they should be eliminated which resulted to the killing of nearly all the disables during his regime. This assertion is to remind people on the kind of punishment disables are facing in the midst of healthy humans.

Despite the present world status, a lot of nations still believe in “Adolf Hitler’s philosophy. To avoid this and advocate for the interest of the disables, I see the need for disables like me to form a communication network where issues regarding their welfare and self-sufficiency will be discussed. Therefore, my proposal is to form an organisation to help the disabled people in Nigeria.

The essence of this proposed organisation is to inform some humans that disables can be useful in any society if proper attention is paid to them. They should not be neglected but be encouraged to be industrious so as to contribute to an economy development. In the developed world, the government and the people have shown great concern and care to the handicaps and today they are more competitive in human, political, economic and social life. For instance, David Blanket, the interior minister of Great Britain is a blind man, Wolfgang Schäuble, a disable in wheel chair was the former interior minister of Germany and chairman of the CDU party, and Andreas Jürgen borne disabled is the chairman of the Green party in Kassel, and also a member of the house of assembly in Hessen state Germany. I wish to encourage handicap people to be active and contribute their own quota in the development of the societies in which they live.

My greatest appeal is for the government to lay a good foundation for these people because they can also bring meaningful contribution to their nations. The development of strong and active disability membership organisations is viewed as a vital opportunity to the development of the civil society in the Federal Republic of Nigeria in particular and the world at large.

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