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The Baltic Fashion Award emerged from fashion presentations that began in 1998 around the Baltic Sea . The location is called “3 Kaiserbaedern” on the Usedom Island . In 2002, the fashion presentation events developed to include designs of established designers and graduates of Fashion Design schools from Germany and its neighbouring countries. These countries include Poland , Denmark , Finland , Sweden , Russia , Estonia , Lettland and Litauen. Today, due to the expansion of the European Union, the Balic Fashion Award has become international and a notable event for the main stream media.Due to its professionalism, international flair and high quality standards, the Award has attracted the interest of firms, institutes and professionals in all areas of the fashion industry.
The jury of the Baltic Fashion Award has included renowned names in international fashion business. The 2006 Award jury under the directorship of Wolfgang Ley, the founder of the fashion label Escada include the following: Andrej Subarew (the creative director of Baltic Fashion Award), Ronald van Kemp (design director at “Barney’s in New York among other high profile positions in the fashion industry), Gudrun Allstaedt (Director at one of the leading publishing firms for textile economics), Kirstin Ellen Vietze (star hair dresser in the 4th generation of a family business and member of the @work-team von Schwarzkopf), Kurt Geisler ( publisher and chief editor of a fashion magazine “Der Herr” and initiator of MODA berlin), Reinhard Otto Kranz (Freelance designer, board member of Design Center Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) and Anne Merete Ohrt (director of Danish School of Design, designer of the Danish 1988 and 1992 Olympia teams’ outfits as well as the Royal Danish Air force uniform).

The award is organized as a two-day gala event to round up a four-day (11-15 October 2006) program consisting of a series of events relating to fashion and design. It is divided into 3 fashion categories namely, Haut Couture, Prêt-à-Porter and Avantgarde. The main prize of the award in each category is 7500 Euro.

The nominated designers for the Baltic Fashion Award 2006 are:


  • Eva Brzáková and Markéta Vinglerová from Germany / Czech Republic with the collection “GRAND TOUR”

  • Viktoria Moser from Germany (born in Russia ) with the collection “ Kostroma - mon amour”

  • Anja Rüger and Irina Sowitzki from Germany with the collection „Das Leben ist (k)ein Ponyhof”


  • Alexandra Baum from Germany with the collection “The poetry of future”

  • Désirée Steimer and Philipp Pikula from Germany with the label “Confjuzed” and the collection “Hypnotic”

  • Mischa Woeste from Germany with the collection „Smeilinener“


  • Jana Keller (Germany/Switzerland) and Sabina Tasenov (Germany/Kasachstan) with the collection „Schachmatt“

  • Sven Sobiechowski from Germany with the collection „Reclaim the sky”

  • Tatjana Agapcheva from Russia with the collection „Gipsy Queen”


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Award Presentation>
The first gala evening ( 14 October 2006 ) was attended by guests from the general public with valid event’s tickets as well as invited guests from private and government institutions. The show began with two lady-moderators welcoming the guests, giving information about the program of the event and introducing the jury. Wolfgang Ley, the head of the jury, came on stage, to explain what is expected of each nominated designer and the nomination process. The presentation began and beautiful mannequins presented the fashion collections. All designs were for women. Each designer/designer-team had the chance to explain or interpret the presented collection in a short interview following the presentation. Colourful and innovative collections including the implementation of techno-textile with integrated light-bulbs powered by in-built accumulators were presented. The show received several rounds of applause from the public. At the end, guests could vote for their favourite collection using a ballot card. The gala continued with guests and designers chatting, listening to live music and having drinks.

The second gala evening was attended by prominent Germans from show-business and special guests from the public. The presentation procedure was the same as on the first gala evening. At the end of the show, the jury retreated to make its decision while the public cast a secret vote. After a while, the jury announced that the decisions have been made and the winners could the announced. Wolfgang Ley came on stage acknowledging the wonderful creations presented, giving complements to all designers and finally announcing the winner in each category. The award winners are:

Prêt-à-porter: Anja Rüger and Irina Sowitzki "Das Leben ist(k)ein Ponyhof"
Avantgarde: Mischa Woeste with her collection "Sunny side up"
Couture: Sven Sobiechowski "Reclaim the sky"

The public also voted Sven Sobiechowski as the winner. With live music, drinks and extravagant buffet, guest enjoyed the gala party through the night.

sarahmagazine 2006


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