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Fashion & Lifestyle
"I wanted to do forties Hollywood—and late-seventies glamour," said Elie Saab, the Beirut-based designer who is....>more

The Water Health Report
How Eight Glasses A Day Keep Fat Away!

Incredible as it may seem... Water is the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping ....>Health
Learning the Tarot: Understanding the Pages
Many people begin learning the Tarot using a deck such as the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck with pictorial images on both the Major and Minor arcana...>Hobbies
An Act of Kindness
He was driving home one evening, on a two-lane country road. Work, in this small mid-western community ... >Sprituality
Bridging the Chasm between Two Cultures
A former leader in the New Age culture - author of nine titles on auras, chakras, "energy," and so on - chronicles her difficult and painful transition to skepticism...>Intercultural
Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline  
1. In the formula "humanistic discipline" both the elements are meant to carry weight. This is not a lecture about academic organisation: in speaking of ...... >Philosophy
What to do with a Minute Man: A Woman's Guide to Understanding Premature
It is most men's fantasy-wish that they would be able to penetrate a woman who bucks like a wild unbroken bronco, maintain perfect control during an hour of hard..>Sexuality
Porter Goss
Bush's nominee for CIA director faces an uphill battle in getting Democrats in the Senate to back him after lacklustre years as head of the house intelligence committee... >Politics
Launch of Arabella
Proudly presenting the launch of Arabella, a glossy Middle Eastern lifestyles...> more
Pitt Saddles Up for Jesse James Flick
The Hollywood hunk has roped himself the role of outlaw Jesse James in a big-screen version of the Robert Hansen book... >more
Compensating for Your Entrepreneurial Style-or Lack of Style
I recently took an entrepreneurial quiz which evaluated my answers and informed me I would do best as a hired hand! So why am ..>Money
Fitness success can be achieved by following these simple rules
We all set goals in our daily lives, and we need to do so with exercise as well. To make a difference in exercise adherence ...> Sport & Fitness

Build Your Career

One of the key components of success in any career is continually expanding your knowledge and skills related to your chosen profession. However ..>Career
The Better Behavior Wheel - A New Kind of Calm in the Family 
There's a new kind of fun and calm out there in the name of the Better Behavior Wheel, invented by Julie Butler and her family in central British ..>Family

Worldwide Wild
Domican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize
The Dominican Republic's mountainous interior and long stretches of unimproved roads make for perfect fat-tire odysseys. This 12-day, 284-mile supported ride .... >Travel & Adventure
Weekly Horoscopes
This week's scenario is highlighted by positive changes in your homelife. You will have a problem concentrating on anything complex. Personal & emotional matters are interfering with your productivity.... >Horoscopes
Manet at the Prado
This October sees the opening at the Museo del Prado of the first exhibition in Spain devoted to the work of Édouard Manet.... >Arts
Under Attack?
Think another woman is out to get you? Here's how to watch your back
Do women sabotage other women in business, and, if so, what can be done about it? We asked two experts with differing views for advice ....>Women and Men
The Missing Peace': Exhausted Are the Peacemakers
In December 1999, as Israel and Syria seemed suddenly to be making real progress toward a peace agreement, President Bill Clinton.... >Books
Providing learning Opportunities for All
In his Editorial following EFA Week UNESCO Director-General Koichiro Matsuura supports all forms of non-formal approaches to providing learning.. ..>Education
Featured Stories
The two women slowly walked along the terrace and cautiously avoided every subsidence. The late autumn sun .....> more
Jason and Joey
The colors of fall rustle through the trees on this brisk October morning in1990. Jason and his sister  .....> more
Overlooking Lock Trool in the heart of the Galloway hills, Brackentree House provides comfortable accommodation in a peaceful  .....> more
The Thing In the Wall 
I can still remember the first time I met Jason Burke almost 8 years ago. On a damp and dreary November morning in 1996 my partner  .....> more
Virtual Insanity
I think they call it déjà vu. Charlie was yelling at me for wetting my bed again. "Son-of-a-bitch!" he said, slowly. He was .....> more
The Greasy Pole
Stuck for the appropriate phrase to complete the email, I paused, stretched my legs, arched my back and .....> more
Killing Amy
"What's your name?" she asked seating herself on the hotel room bed. She gave a slight bounce as if testing the springs .....> more
Mystery Tour 
Mavis Butterworth winced as she bent to pick up the post that lay on the doormat. She lingered slightly in the .....> more
This Way to America 
From the outside, behind the dust covered metal green entrance door with a falling #98 in big black blocks in the center .....> more
The Boy Who Could Teleport 
There was something strange about the boy who moved in next door. He always seemed to be in two places at once, and yet he .....> more
Art Is Life
Phil was tired when he received the call. He had a long day at work and all he wanted to do was to enjoy the simple pleasure .....> more
Sounding The Alarm
In a far off distance I see you walking toward me with your hands in your jacket pockets with no expressions on your face.....> more

Red Wines & Food

Wine and Food pairings is an individual choice. Every person's sense of taste is different. In general, each ..... > food-drinks
The Human Factor
In the management of a small team, the human factor is crucial to success. This article considers possible motivators and a simple framework for dealing with people... >Management
What Does Love Mean?
1. "When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even...          >Humor & Jokes
Past Issues
Issue 1
Retreating Glaciers Spur Alaskan Earthquakes
In a new study, NASA and United States Geological Survey (USGS) scientists found that retreating glaciers  ...>Science
A Short History of The Internet
We've come a long way, baby. Here's a timeline of some of the significant milestones in the internet's history ...>Technology
Growing and Caring for Orchids
Despite their reputation as delicate and difficult plants, most Orchids are surprisingly tough. Normally ... >More
Fay Wray, Star Who Stole Kong's Heart, Dies at 96
Fay Wray, an actress who appeared in about 100 movies but whose fame....>Entertainment

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